• Museu i Poblat Ibèric de Ca n’Oliver

    A key heritage set to learn about Laietan Iberian culture


Ca n'Oliver

The Ca n’Oliver Iberian Settlement and Museum is a unique heritage collection in the field of research, education and dissemination of Iberian culture in Catalonia. Located at the top of a hill in the Collserola mountain range, Ca n’Oliver is the headquarters of the Cerdanyola Museum and the place from where research, protection and dissemination projects and programmes of Cerdanyola’s cultural heritage are developed with the aim of making it accessible to everyone.

Ca n'Oliver is part of the Barcelona Provincial Council Local Museum Network and the Route of the Iberians and, since 2012, it is one of the main museums of Arqueoxarxa (a network of museums and archaeological sites of Catalonia).

The permanent exhibition of the museum, the more than 2.000 m2 of archaeological remains, the three reconstructed Iberian buildings and a wide range of activities aimed at all types of audiences allow visitors to discover Iberian culture and to approach archeology as a science that allows us to reconstruct the past. Temporary exhibitions and other proposals linked to history and local heritage reflect the cultural richness of Cerdanyola.

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